Grant Williams founded Revelop Institute to help people discover their genuine, God-given purpose and reach their full potential. This strong foundation serves as an anchor, establishing a meaningful legacy which will last for many generations. The primary inspiration for Revelop came from Grant's experience in the NFL, where more than seven out of ten players suffer personal, marital and/or financial failure within two years of leaving the game. Revelop strives to be the vehicle for “flipping the stat” from failure to success by helping NFL players transition from the game to the rest of life. In addition to athletes, Revelop assists others who are facing challenging life transitions. 

Beyond these specific initiatives, Revelop builds communities of men who support, encourage and challenge one another to be the men, husbands, and fathers they were created to be, to live their lives to the fullest, and in the process, establish God-honoring legacies. Most men tend toward isolation and our American culture reinforces that tendency by promoting the idea that real men “go it alone.” However, the truth is that isolation makes men more susceptible to addictive behaviors and emotional issues, which then lead to marriage and family breakups, as well as career and financial difficulties. Revelop has a “game plan” to help men reject isolation and its harmful effects. 

The plan provides the opportunity to participate in “authentic” community with other men, set life goals, gain empowering knowledge and access professional counseling, as needed. Authentic community is a place where men are able to move beyond the typical “beer commercial” relationships - that never go deeper than sports and work - to meaningful, lifelong relationships, where they are able to share fears and struggles - as well as triumphs and joys. Men in authentic community benefit simply from being in the company of other men where they are accepted. Men need one another, in order to be their best...

Revelop has since grown to also include a staff of professional counselors, career coaches, as well as

a women's life-on-life ministry. 

Our team at Revelop is here to help you establish your individual purpose and walk alongside you

as you become the person you were created to be!