Revelop - Women of Grace

"And all the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses,

entrust to reliable people who will also be qualified to teach others." ~ 2 Timothy 2:2

Our Mission

Introduce women to a personal relationship with Jesus and disciple each one into a daily,

step-by-step life of walking with Him,

while entrusting them to go and do the same.

Our Vision

To see women transformed through a personal encounter with Jesus and to witness that transformation as it inspires dynamic, far-reaching changes in their families, relationships, work environments, communities and other connections in their lives.


We understand that life-change truly happens in the context of a relationship. This is not about simply delivering information - It's about developing an authentic, God-honoring relationship. 

Women have come to us with a hunger for God's Word and a desire for authentic relationships. We are meeting that challenge with life-on-life discipleship opportunities, as well as discussion groups.

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Join Us

This is a big story. You are here for a reason. There is a special place for you right in the middle of it all. Ready to be a part of the transformation? 

Please fill out the form to contact us to learn more.  

We need your support.

This life-on-life women's ministry is supported entirely through donations. By giving, you are investing in changed lives. The return on that investment is beyond measure - in fact, it is eternal.

We would be honored by your partnership in this Kingdom-building mission.

*Please Note: TINA WESLEY-WOMEN'S MINISTRY in the comment section of the donation page. 

Revelop Institute is a 501c(3) organization. All donations are tax-deductible and all donors will receive an official receipt from the National Christian Foundation.

What others are saying...

"Our discipleship meetings have been a time to reflect, to grow and go deeper in my understanding of Scripture and my relationship with God."

"This has all made such an impact in my life that even my family notices and I would move mountains not to miss my weekly discipleship time."

"My life changed dramatically as a result of being part of this ministry."

"Through our discussion group, my faith in the Lord has deepened immeasurably."